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Marble Surface

Archaeology After School is a free virtual pre-collegiate program designed for students aged 13-17 to learn about classical archaeology and cultural heritage. Our program consists of a series of live seminars and an immersive online curriculum on topics related to archaeological methods, Ancient Greek history, classical studies, anthropology, and more.


Archaeological Dig
Marble Surface

Learning Goals 

  • To introduce classical studies, with particular focus on archaeology and cultural heritage, as a bridge that connects the past with the future.

  • To enhance students’ critical thinking and decision-making skills.​

  • To support efforts towards understanding the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage as they relate to the profession of an archaeologist/researcher.

  • To raise consciousness about identity and the connection of diaspora to its roots by looking at present-day culture via the past.

  • To enrich literacy in Modern Greek, for heritage language learners.

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